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4 of The Best Los Angeles Gun Range for Families

Whether it’s for self-defense against a potential mugger or home intruder, owning a gun these days will help you and your family feel much more safe and secure. However, you need to look for the best Los Angeles gun range where you, your spouse, and your children can train. Why? Because learning about gun safety and proper gun usage can be a life-saving decision that you will make for yourself and your family. 

Learning it together makes the entire process even more exciting. But choosing the best Los Angeles gun range where your family can practice together is also just as important. 

So where should you go? Here is a list of the best Los Angeles gun range for families that you shouldn’t miss checking out.

 1. Angeles Shooting Ranges

If you’re looking for a Los Angeles gun range where you can shoot all kinds of guns with different types of targets up to 600 yards, then the Angeles Shooting Range should be your first choice. Just remember not to use steel core ammo otherwise you’ll damage the steel targets. 

Many shooters choose this range because they are usually open until 9pm. 

The Angeles Shooting Range is divided into three parts: the Rifle Range, Pistol Range, and Shotgun Range. These spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The Angeles Shooting Ranges are open not just to individuals wanting to practice their shooting skills; the range is also open to families who want to spend time bonding together over the love of  shooting at the range. 

It is rated as among the Best Los Angeles gun range for families and one reason for this is that while other ranges charge you on a per hour basis for your time at the range, the Angeles Shooting Range only asks for one fee for your entire day of shooting. 

But don’t tell everyone! This range can be a little too busy sometimes. 

Classes for the Young and Old

Did you know that hunting-related shooting accidents have significantly reduced since hunting education courses were introduced to young shooters? Parents looking to demystify the use of guns and let their children learn about proper handling and use of firearms should visit this range. 

The Angeles Shooting Ranges offers classes where juniors aged 18 years old and below can attend. The materials for Hunter Education Class are designed to cater to everyone regardless of their age.

Special Range Fee for Young Shooters

Another reason why this should be on the list of the best Los Angeles gun range for families, is that they offer special range fees for juniors and seniors. They offer lower range fees for juniors or individuals aged 18 years old and below. Non-member juniors will pay $14, while junior members will pay only $9 for range fees. 

Special Range Fee for Seniors

Those who visit the place on a regular basis greatly appreciate the fact that the staff always says “Have fun!” whenever they find people heading to the door to start shooting. The place also offers good coffee and warm smiles around. It makes it totally welcoming for everybody, even for seniors. 

And, of course, getting old does not mean you can only go for knitting and gardening activities. If you have seniors at home, think about enrolling them in one of the classes at this range. Grandma and grandpa will enjoy range time discounts every Tuesday. Non-member Seniors over the  age of 55  will only pay $10 during Tuesday Seniors while members are charged $8 for range fees. 

On Fridays, Angeles Shooting Ranges offer 10 percent off ammunition, excluding rimfire ammo. 

Other Facilities for Families

The range also has a picnic area where everyone can bring their food and enjoy lunch together. Families can spend birthday parties here or use the area whenever they want to take a break from their shooting practice while at the range. 

Add in the clays, skeet, and that dedicated pistol-only benches, plus the opportunity to enjoy the view of the gorgeous valley around during cease-fire, and your family will definitely find the experience unforgettable.


Address: 12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd Sylmar, CA 91342

Phone: (818) 899-2255




2. Oak Tree Gun Club

To get to this place, make sure you follow the Oak Tree sign down to the bottom of the road and you’ll see their parking area. From there your excitement begins as you hear the rifles from their outdoor shooting range. But, guess what? They have everything here! Rifles, pistols, shotguns and ever archery - exactly a fun place to be with your family who wants to practice and enjoy learning about gun safety and how to become a better shooter. 

Reviews from previous range visitors say the same thing - All staff is friendly and concerned with putting SAFETY as top priority! So, whether you’re visiting the place with your kids or with the elderly, safety is one less thing to worry about here.  

Special Range Fee for Young Shooters

Oak Tree Gun Club’s Rifle and Pistol Range charges a $15 hourly range fee for kids 9-13 years old. Children 8 years and younger who would like to shoot along with a paid adult may do so for no additional fee at all. 

For Rifle and Pistol Ranges, adult shooters will pay $20. Parents who are working for military or law enforcement services will only be charged $15 per hour. Those who enter the range in uniform (military or law enforcement) won’t have to pay for range fees. 

Lower Membership Fee for Additional Family Member

The annual range membership fee costs $400 and you’ll pay $200 for an additional family member. Members will enjoy plenty of benefits including unlimited use of the pistol range and rifle range. 

Members are also entitled to unlimited use of all rental handguns, bows, rifles, and shotguns. Range fees in the Archery division will be fifty percent off for members. 

Members of Oak Tree Gun Club will also be entitled to 1 free firearm transfer each year. Not to mention food discounts at the restaurant. So, if you and your family want to hang out outdoors, better do it at the Oak Tree. 

Special Events where Families Can Attend

Oak Tree Gun Club has a wide range of rifles available for rent. The Rifle Range also hosts a 3-Gun Style shooting competition that you and your family can witness every Wednesday night. 

You don’t have to wait for weekends to be able to watch exciting shooting events like this. Just visit Oak Tree Gun Club every Wednesday and the whole family will surely have a great weeknight together. 

Facilities for Groups and Families

If you’re looking to spend time together at the clay shooting venue, you may do so and prepare the whole family for an unforgettable time at the Trap Field. The field consists of seven individual areas where up to seven people can be accommodated, making this a perfect venue for group or family events. 

Remember, there is no such thing as “only for experts” when it comes to clay shooting. The whole family can do it together and still have fun, no matter if someone is an Olympic Champion or a complete novice in this field. 

The best thing about being in Oak Tree Gun Club is that they have different ranges to suit just about every shooter. Whether you’re looking for a competition-level shooting experience, recreation, or wing shooting, Oak Tree Gun Club has ranges to cater to these needs. 


Address: 23121 Coltrane Ave Newhall, CA 91321

Phone: (661) 259-7441




3. A Place to Shoot

Lower Membership Fee for Additional Family Member

A Place to Shoot offers special treats for family members. If you are already a member or still planning to sign up for a membership, prepare to pay $200 for a membership fee. Once a member, you can add your family members to your account and only pay an additional $100 for each person

Free Range Time for Young Shooters

Bringing your children with you also entitles you to benefits such as free-range time for kids 10 years old and below. Seniors aged 55 and above will only be charged $12 for the day for range fees. 

If you’re planning to loan your range card to a guest, make sure you accompany him or her to the range. Otherwise, the staff will not allow your guest to use the range. 

Special Discounts for Family Members

A Place to Shoot charges an “all-day” range fee of $17 to adults. Young shooters aged 11 to 17 years old will pay only $12 and if a family member also happens to be in law enforcement service, he will also pay the same $12 fee.

Parents will also be happy to know that children aged 10 years old will not be charged for range fees. If you have seniors coming to the range with you on Fridays they will only pay $12 for the range fee. 

Special Events where Families Can Attend

A Place to Shoot hosts different types of events where young shooters can join and attend. 

So, if you want to bring your family to a shooting range, A Place to Shoot is certainly one of the best Los Angeles gun ranges. The place has a team of experts who will happily teach you and your family about gun control, trigger control, breathing, sight alignment, and the likes. 

If you want to simply zero your rifles, do not hesitate to approach the staff. The range staff and range masters are all very accommodating. Not to mention that the place is also very clean and highly organized. 

Lastly, if you plan to visit the place on a Sunday, better be there early. The place fills up so quickly! And remember, 5.56 or steel jacketed ammo is not allowed!


Address: 33951 San Francisquito Canyon Rd Saugus, CA 91350

Phone: (661) 296-5552




4.Burro Canyon Shooting Park

Friendly and Accommodating Range Staff

The Burro Canyon is not just one of the best Los Angeles gun ranges, it is also one of the most popular, especially for parents who have kids learning to shoot and use firearms properly. Their range officer Don is also the children’s favorite. When you bring your child to Burro Canyon, do not expect that the range masters will baby them. Instead, they will be taught how to handle guns as mature people do. 

Their entire staff of Burro Canyon will see to it that everyone knows the rules and observe them religiously while at the range. You can expect that the range officers are helpful and friendly. 

Safety and Fun Place for Everyone

They have a reputation of being very strict and will never ever tolerate any rule violators. Everyone’s safety is a top priority in this place but of course, they also make sure you and your kids will have a great time practicing your shooting skills. 

Always remember, as soon as they call for a line break, be quick to move back! The drive to the mountain also adds excitement to the experience. Fortunately, the range officers here take their job seriously so everybody can get down the mountain in one piece. 

Burro Canyon’s public gun range is open seven days a week. The public Range fee will cost you $15 a day while children below 15 years old will only be charged half of this amount. 

Other Family-Friendly Facilities on Location

Don’t worry if you forget to bring your own snacks. You can buy beverages and snacks at the location. 

The membership fee costs $250 a year. If you want to become a member, contact them in advance because membership slots are limited. But tell them you are willing to be included in the waiting list. 


Address: 22100 E East Fork Rd Azusa, CA 91702

Phone:  626-910-1344





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