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Precision Targets
Precision Shooting Target
18" x 24" Shooting Target
MOA Precision Target Markings
Shooting Target Made in USA
Weather Resistant Target

Precision Targets

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What do you get when you combine edge to edge reactive tech, weather resistant ink, MOA grid lines, great durability, and a place to keep notes on your shooting skills? You get one badass target from the team here at XHunt. When we set out to design our ideal target, we wanted to make something that we wanted to use over and over, regardless of the firearm we were shooting that day. After multiple design iterations, we came up with Precision.

The first feature we are proud of with Precision is its 100% edge to edge reactive splatter zone. When we say all reactive, we literally mean the entire 24” by 18” target can be shot at to see bullet splatters. Most reactive targets on the market only have specific zones that are reactive, which is typically on the colored areas that you are aiming to hit. We realized not everyone can shoot well. Therefore, we made the areas that are white, which are off target hits, to also be reactive.

We live in the Pacific Northwest, which means it rains a lot here and forces us to shoot in the wet weather. That’s why we designed our ink to be weather resistant. If it gets rained on, it won’t be a major issue because the water beads right off it. But please don’t take these swimming, they aren’t waterproof.

We also wanted to have an MOA grid throughout the whole target so you can use them to sight in your optics as well. 1 inch grid lines are used all the way to the edge and those grid lines become increasingly smaller, until they are 1/8" lines at the bullseye.

Designed with vibrant, contrasting colors, you’ll be able to see these beauties extremely well at both your indoor range and deep into the wilderness. By using blue and yellow color combinations in conjunction with our red reactive color, you can quickly acquire the target and see exactly where your shots were placed.

Lastly, you have an area to write on these. We know some of you precision shooters want to take down all the details of the day; firearm, bullet make, grain, and even the conditions that day. With multiple lines at the bottom of the target, you can write all that down.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 18” x 24”
  • 100% Reactive
  • MOA Grid Design
  • Weather Resistant Materials
  • Notes Section

Join our community of shooters and see what makes our targets amazing.



Made in America

Why X-Hunt Targets Are Better:

100% Reactive

  • Bright Red When Shot
  • High Contrast Bullet Holes
  • See Your Off Target Hits
  • Industry First All Reactive Capability
shoot nc style precision target

Scientific Design

  • Designs are Calculated
  • 1" to 1/8" MOA
  • Grid Design for Off Target Hits
  • Always Know Your Shot Placement
precision target with MOA

 MOA Grid System

reactive target with 1

Welcome to the Grid. We know how good it feels to place a bullet hole right smack in the middle of the bullseye, but we also know that doesn't happen all the time. 

Our grid system allows you to know exactly how many inches outside of the colored target you are hitting. Paired with our edge to edge reactive design, you will be able to easily see how far you are from your intended mark. 

Perfect for sighting in your brand new scope, illuminated reticle, or iron sights; you'll know precisely how many clicks you are from center. As you get closer and closer to center, our grid gets more accurate by giving you 1", 1/2" and even 1/8" measurement. 

High Contrast Colors

The majority of targets are either black, white, red or some variation of that; which is why we make sure our targets are made with high contrast and extremely visible colors. Have you experienced the sensation of losing your sights when looking at the target you’re shooting at? We have too.

With the use of high contrasting colors that clash with conventional sights, we are able to ensure better and faster target acquisition. And when using these targets in an outdoor environment, spotting the target from a distance will be easier than ever!


Red Dot on Red Range Target

Red Dot Against Red Target

White Glock Sights on White Paper Shooting Target

White Sights Against White Target

Black Ruger Sights on Black Shooting Targets

Black Sights Against Black Target



Red Dot on Reactive Target

Easy to Acquire Red Dot

Glock Sights on Reactive Target

Easy to Acquire White Sights

Ruger Sights on Reactive Target

Easy to Acquire Black Sights

Every Detail is Thought
Out in Each Target

MOA Designed Reactive Precision Targets

Every Detail is Thought
Out in Each Target

MOA Designed 100% Reactive Shooting Targets
MOA Rifle Scope

MOA Design Features

  • Every Detail is MOA
  • Better Shot Placement
  • Zero in Faster

We know how important it is to understand your shot placement, that’s why when we say MOA design features are built into every element, we truly mean it.

Much like the coding of a video game, our targets are built on a grid system making sure that the whole scene is made up of exact measurements. This ensures that no matter the design, you will know with confidence the placement of each shot. 

Durable as Hell

Our targets are built to withstand the abuse. Whether you decide to pack up the truck bed and head out into the woods for some target shooting or heading to your local indoor range, we designed these targets with you in mind.

Constructed of heavy weight paper, you can slap these targets onto those spinning target carriers at the pistol range and watch as they hold their structure flying down the range.  

Feel confident taking these outside in all seasons. Our weather resistant ink is designed to help combat the elements while keeping you on target. 

Durable Targets in Truck Bed
Expert Gun Display on Wall

Built By The Experts

We take pride in making our targets, that’s why we scrutinize over every detail of our designs. We make sure all aspects of the target incorporate exact measurements so you know where your bullet hits and the distance it moved from shot to shot.

Using high contrast and vibrant colors, you will see your target in all lighting conditions and at extreme distances. In addition, we make sure they are fun to shoot at! 100% reactive shots all over the target and designs that inspire any shooter to smile.

We have decades of experience shooting at thousands of targets, we built these for us and for you!


Concealed Carry Channel
Hold Your Own



Precision Targets
Precision Targets
Precision Shooting Target
MOA Precision Target Markings
Shooting Target Made in USA
Weather Resistant Target

Precision Targets


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