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Our Process

Here at X-Hunt Targets, we take a customer curated approach to our process.

What is a Customer Curated Approach?

Every time we are ready to bring a new target design to the market, we set up a competition where our customers get to choose which target they like best and the selected winner is then taken to production.

What Does That Look Like?

We listen to the suggestions and inputs from our customers wants and desires. We then create three different target designs in house with our design team. Nothing holds us back on what a target could look like. Since our printing process is very unique and different from the typical screen printing process of other reactive splatter style targets, we are able to include more detail than ever before. This means that if we want to add shadowing to an image, or have 50 different colors that spread all the way to the edge of the target, we can do that.

Our Designs.

Our shooting targets can be specific for firearm training purposes, precision shooting, or just fun and imaginative that helps a new shooter become comfortable at the range. We are able to make each target as realistic or cartoonish as we want. That’s the beauty of our process, we have full control over every detail in the design. And since all our designs are created in house, we can make changes if enough of our customers request it.

Customer Voting.

Once we have three reactive targets to choose from, we then present them to our customers for them to vote on. Everyone and anyone have the ability to vote and can do so on our Vote page. Once all the votes are tallied up, we then choose the winner and take that design through the final stages of development, tooling, and production.

We do our best to make designs that are appealing to our customers, but in the end, it’s up to you to choose which target you want.  

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