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4 of The Best Los Angeles Gun Range for Families

Whether it’s for self-defense against a potential mugger or home intruder, owning a gun these days will help you and your family feel much more safe and secure. However, you need to look for the best Los Angeles gun range where you, your spouse, and your children can train. Why? Because learning about gun safety and proper gun usage can be a life-saving decision that you will make for yourself and your family.  Learning it together makes the entire process even more exciting. But choosing the best Los Angeles gun range where your family can practice together is also just as important.  So where should you go? Here is a list of the best Los Angeles gun range for families...

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Top 3 Shooting Ranges For Girls With Guns In Portland Oregon

Gun culture is a language mostly known to a man’s world. But the concept of girls with guns is viewed as a level of confidence and self-defense.  Guns provide significant protection to women. When a woman hears a bump in the night, it would not be safe to go there and check it out with only a baseball bat in one hand. Thus, the idea of women shooting guns becomes crucial these days. Fortunately, there are many ranges that recognize the need for women shooting guns to also learn how to practice such skills in a fun way! Check out these top three indoor shooting ranges for girls with guns in Portland Oregon.  1. Safefire Indoor Shooting Range SafeFire Indoor...

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Outdoor Shooting Ranges in Phoenix Arizona for Gun Aficionados

Breathe, relax, aim, squeeze the trigger and squeeze more to follow through. If you are an experienced shooter, you probably have heard of the BRASS technique. It’s a simple mantra that helps keep you focused in your shooting efforts..  But being a good shooter not only takes memorizing and implementing this mnemonic. You have to gain enough experience shooting targets. The best place to practice that? In an outdoor shooting range.  If you’re looking for outdoor shooting ranges in Phoenix, AZ the following list will help speed up your search for the best outdoor range.  C2 Tactical Shooting Range Facilities C2 Tactical Shooting Range boasts of state-of-the-art facilities such as programmable action target centers, high-end ventilation systems and quiet backstops. ...

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