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Outdoor Shooting Ranges in Phoenix Arizona for Gun Aficionados

Arizona Gun Ranges

Breathe, relax, aim, squeeze the trigger and squeeze more to follow through. If you are an experienced shooter, you probably have heard of the BRASS technique. It’s a simple mantra that helps keep you focused in your shooting efforts.. 

But being a good shooter not only takes memorizing and implementing this mnemonic. You have to gain enough experience shooting targets. The best place to practice that? In an outdoor shooting range. 

If you’re looking for outdoor shooting ranges in Phoenix, AZ the following list will help speed up your search for the best outdoor range. 

C2 Tactical

Shooting Range Facilities

C2 Tactical Shooting Range boasts of state-of-the-art facilities such as programmable action target centers, high-end ventilation systems and quiet backstops. 

They also have a Live Fire Simulator where shooters can enjoy simulated targets in an environment equipped with fun animations to level up your shooting practice. 

C2 Tactical Shooting Range is proud to have a highly trained staff, always ready to provide the best support and guidance for questions and concerns regarding training courses, sales and private coaching. 

The range also welcomes opportunities for event rentals, team building sessions, parties, weddings, birthdays and other occasions. The place is open for rentals seven days a week. Although they are also closed on some holidays. 

Shooting Range Fees

C2 Tactical’s Phoenix, Scottsdale branch offers plenty of packages for you to choose from. These include the following:

The Squad Package

Membership fee is $699.95 a year, good for two people. Range time is free for the entire year and rental fee for handguns is free. Fifty percent discount for shotgun and rifle rentals. The Squad Package also offers 15 percent off on range ammunition and free advanced lane reservations.

VIP Membership

Signing up for this VIP membership gives you access to the AREA338 membership. You have to pay $4500 for initiation fee and a monthly fee of $200. You will be entitled to concierge services, in addition to discounts on firearms and ammunition. Advanced lane reservations are also free for VIP members. 

5.56 Package 

The 5.56 Package costs $39 a month and an initiation fee of $96.95. This package entitles you to free range time for the entire year, 15 percent discounts on range ammunition, free handgun rentals and 50 percent off on shotgun and rifle rentals, among others. 

Commander Package

The Commander Package entitles you to free range time for the entire year, at a cost of $19 per month. You don't have to pay for handgun rentals once you sign up for this membership plan. 

Battalion Package

The Battalion Package costs $1,289 monthly and is good for five people. Members who signed up for this package will get a 50 percent discount on shotgun and rifle rentals and other benefits that Squad members also enjoy. 

Reservations are provided for rifle and pistol shooters, non-members are also welcome. 

Other Services Offered

C2Tactical offers training for every firearm you want to focus on developing your skills. They have training for carbine, handgun, shotgun and concealed carry. Training for outdoor and private shooting is also offered. 

They also offer courses for ladies who want to practice their shooting skills. Lessons about Personal Protection Essentials, Disaster Preparedness and NRA courses are also offered. 

Address: 8475 S Emerald Dr Tempe, AZ 85284


Phone: (480) 588-8802



Phoenix Rod & Gun Club

Man Shooting Pistol at Range

Shooting Range Facilities

The Phoenix Rod & Gun Club is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays only, starting from 8am to 2pm.  The covered range is available for rifle and handgun shooters looking to shoot at 10-100 yards. 

You may bring your own paper targets, and please note that the range does not rent any firearm or sell any ammunition. 

The Phoenix Rod and Gun Club is divided into three divisions and these are The High Power Division, The Practical Firearms Division and the Pistol Division.

The High Power Division is set up for high powered firearms and utilizes ten Camp Perry style target frames and firing points at 200,300 and 500 yards. Friday mornings in the High Power Division are dedicated to the NRA.

The Practical Firearms Division division consists of different disciplines of practical shooting. New shooters are always welcome. You can choose which discipline to join in and then feel free to check out the Calendar so you will know the schedule. 

The Phoenix Rod and Gun Club stresses the importance of following the rules and procedures before starting to join any match. These safety rules are non negotiable to ensure the safety of everyone present at the range. 

The Pistol division consists of 40 firing points equipped with turning targets. The range is home to several national champions and several national records have been shot in this range. 

The Phoenix Rod and Gun Club also holds competitive shooting matches.

Shooting Range Fees

The Phoenix Rod & Gun Club requires prospective members to pay an initiation fee of $75, in addition to their membership dues. Individual membership fee is $100 per year. Annual family membership costs $125. 

Shooting opportunities are available to all members regardless of religion, race and gender. Once your membership fee is approved by the Membership Secretary, you will be asked to undergo basic safety briefing and a range tour. The range is open to members from 7am to sundown on a daily basis. 

Address: 915 W Olney Dr Phoenix, AZ 85041

Phone: (602) 377-6897




Ben Avery Shooting Range

Shooting Range Facilities

The Ben Avery Shooting Facility was founded in 1957 and now has grown into one of the largest shooting facilities in the U.S. This government facility is also known as the City of Phoenix Point of Pride. This range is rated five-star by the National Association of Shooting Ranges. 

The Ben Avery Outdoor Shooting Facility is fully equipped with a 67-point covered main range at a distance of up to 200 yards. It also has a FITA range, Clay Target Center and 99-site campgrounds. 

The public range is open from 7am and the last reservation will be accepted at 1pm. The Main Range is good only for recreational shooting. 

There is also Frank L. DeSomma Range for rifle shooters which features steel targets with sizes that vary by distance. If you’re looking to shoot at this range, make sure you ask about certain restrictions. 

The Ben Avery Shooting Range also has the Clay Target Center and the 300 Yard Range. 

Shooting Range Fees

Ben Avery Shooting Range’s public range does not require membership. 

Fees vary depending on which range you plan on using. Prices start at $7 for pistol range reservations and go up to $14 for trap and skeet clay target ranges. 

Other Services Offered

New Shooters may rent shotguns and be provided with informal coaching. Advanced and competitive shooters will definitely enjoy this range as they will have the opportunity to join in advanced games and challenges according to their level of shooting expertise. 

Address: 4044 W Black Canyon Blvd Phoenix, AZ 85086

Phone: (623) 582-8313




The Rio Salado Sportsman's Club

Gun Range Facilities

The Rio Salado Sportsman Club encourages the development of shooting skills of juniors. The range has a special division dedicated to serving young adults who want to have fun at the shooting range and eventually be able to join competitions. 

The Shotgun Range has 2 Introductory Stations where budding shooters can practice their skills. It also has a Combo Field equipped with Wobble Trap, ZZ Birds and 5-Stand facilities. 

The Sporting Clays Course is equipped with 12 stations and different types of target presentations. The entire course provides enough access for motorized carts. 

The Rio Salado Sportsman Club is equipped with 48 covered shooting benches. 

Shooting Range Fees

The range is open to everyone. You do not have to sign up to any membership plan to be able to shoot in this range. However, if you are a member, you will be entitled to unlimited time at the range. Being a member also entitles you to lower fees for your guests. 

The Junior Division Membership fee costs $75. Family membership fee is $150. 

PRICING: (all fees are daily)
ADULTS:  $15.00
GUESTS:  $10.00
MINORS: 6-17 YRS OLD $5.00
*(MINIMUM AGE: 6 YRS OLD) All minors must have a liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian

Address: 3960 N Usery Pass Rd Mesa, AZ 85207

Phone: (480) 984-9610




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