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Great Targets is Our Goal

Why Us...

"Leave it better than you first saw it"

Here at X-Hunt Targets, we know that there is always room for improvement. Whether we are practicing our shooting skills, making better targets, or living a balanced life. That's why we are committed to making the best product we can.  By growing up in the hunting and shooting community, we have an understanding that it's our job to ensure that this industry deserves the best products and the best customer service that we can provide.

Why Targets...

Majority of people who shoot, want to be a better marksman. While we can help our family and friends learn better grip, trigger squeeze, body positioning and breathing techniques, there is only so much we can do on a larger scale. We realized that everyone uses three main things when practicing...a firearm, ammo, and target to shoot at. That's why we aimed our focus on targets.

Our Mission

We take pride in making our targets, that’s why we scrutinize over every detail of our designs. We make sure all aspects of the target incorporate exact measurements so you know where your bullet hits and the distance it moved from shot to shot.

Using high contrast and vibrant colors, you will see your target in all lighting conditions and at extreme distances. In addition, we make sure they are fun to shoot at! 100% reactive shots all over the target and designs that inspire any shooter to smile.

With decades of experience shooting at thousands of targets, we built these for us and for you!

Check Out Our Process How We Choose Targets
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100% Reactive

Whether you're on center mass or nearly off the page, you can see where your bullet hit. 

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Scientific Design

Designed using a proprietary grid system, you'll know exactly how far one shot is from the next. 

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High Contrast Visibility

By using high contrasting colors, you will have better and faster target acquisition in various environments and distances. 


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