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Top 5 Elite Indoor Gun Range in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is home to some of the world’s finest casinos and top-class entertainment. And, yes you’d be thinking about riding on a Venetian Gondola or visiting the World’s Largest Observation Wheel. But, if you live and breathe guns or simply want to have a great time while in Vegas, visiting these elite indoor gun ranges should definitely be on your itinerary. 

Here are the top 5 elite indoor gun ranges in Las Vegas, Nevada and get ready for loads of ammo and fun!

1. The Range 702


4 VIP Lanes

The Range 702 boasts 16 dedicated elite indoor gun range lanes. These include four VIP lanes that are custom engineered to ensure a great experience for shooters. These VIP lanes are equipped with a bar, private restroom, private hostess, and LCD TVs. These also serve as function rooms where range members can celebrate parties, corporate events, anniversaries, or bachelor parties. 

Gunsmithing Services

The Range 702 believes that a clean gun is a safer gun. This is why they stress the importance of proper gun maintenance regardless of whether you’re an occasional shooter or a heavy shooter. In line with this, the Range 702 offers gunsmithing services that range from firearms cleaning to AR-15 Modifications

Stock Installation and Other Services

They also specialize in shotgun builds, stock installation, trigger, and sight installations. 


The Range 702 offers packages at varying rates and these are the Fall Experience, The Stimulus Package -Winter Special, and the Quadzilla Experience. They also have the All In Experience, Adrenaline Rush and Couples Therapy package, among others. Examples of what each package may include are as follows:

Fall Experience:

  • Regular price - $149.95, promo price $99.95
  • includes 20 rounds for M4 or 20 rounds for MP5. 

The Stimulus Package (Winter Special):

  • Regular Price - $99
  • Includes 20 rounds of M4, 20 rounds of MP5 and 10 rounds of Glock 17.

The Quadzilla Package:

  • Regular price - $119.95, promo price - $99.95
  • 100 rounds on an M4

All In Experience:

  • Regular price -$1099.95, promo price - $999.95
  • M4 (20 Rounds)
  • AK-47 (20 Rounds)
  • SAW (40 Rounds)
  • RPD (40 Rounds)
  • MP5 (20 Rounds)
  • Thompson (20 Rounds)
  • SCAR (20 Rounds)
  • Uzi (20 Rounds)
  • P90 (20 Rounds)
  • G36 (20 Rounds)
  • 1911 (7 Rounds)
  • Desert Eagle (5 Rounds)
  • VIP Suite & Private Range

These elite indoor gun range packages must be booked online. For shooters below 18 years old, they have to be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian all throughout the time in the range. Don’t forget to bring your valid ID and be prepared for an incredible action-packed day!


Concealed Carry Permit Class

The Range 702 also hosts Concealed Carry Permit class which lasts for eight hours, from 10 am to 6 pm. You have to reserve a seat online via their website and make sure you bring the requirements with you on the day of your scheduled class. 

Passing the Nevada Concealed Carry Permit class allows you to have reciprocity in 33 states. This class costs $100.

1 On 1 Firearm Training

The Range 702 also offers 1 on 1 firearm training which is ideal for people who are new to using firearms. This class runs for 45 to 60 minutes. This class covers different uses of firearms essentials including The 4 Basic Safety Rules, Gun Range Etiquette and helpful tips to boost your confidence in shooting, among others. This class will cost you $75.

Two-Day Armed Guard Training Class 

A Two-Day Armed Guard Training Class is also offered in this elite indoor gun range for $200. This is a 13-hour course which consists of eight hours for classroom discussions and the remaining five hours will be spent on the range. This class will cover topics such as the use of deadly force, laws of arrest, the use of force and how to safely carry your gun. 

Address: 5999 Dean Martin Drive Las Vegas, NV 89118

Phone: 702-425-5312




2. The Battlefield Vegas


More than a Thousand Weapon Options

Your Vegas shooting adventure definitely starts here. The Battlefield Vegas has more than a thousand different types of weapons for you to choose from. So, if you’re looking to practice your shooting skills in an elite indoor gun range, you certainly won’t run out of firearm options to practice your aim. 

Most of the staff of Battlefield Vegas is a veteran which ensures that any tip and lesson given to you are not only based on theory but everything will be taken from their own first-hand experience. So, if you’re planning to learn about real-life combat strategies, better learn it from the experts at Battlefield Vegas!


The Battlefield’s Indoor Shooting Range Packages include Video Game Inspired, Historical Events, Fan Favorites, and the Beginner Friendly Package. 

Video Game Inspired Packages

The Video Game Inspired package come in different types and these are:

Black Ops Gamer Experience, Counter-Strike Extreme Package, Modern War Gamer Experience, the Siege Heavy, and the PubG Winner Winner Gamer Package. These elite indoor gun range packages may cost as low as $200 or as high as $845.

These Video Game Packages give you the opportunity to trade in your video game controller and start shooting with a real AK-47, MP5 or Uzi! 

Historical Event Packages

The Historical Event Packages include The D-Day 1944 Experience, The Das Blitzkrieg Package, The Platoon Experience, Time Soldier Package, Wild Geese Package, Red Threat Package, ANZAC Legends Package, Battle of El-Alamein, among others.

The Fan Favorites Package include 

Crush a Car with a Tank, Black Ops Gamer Experience, The Swat Experience, Seal Team Six Experience, The Operator Experience, Modern War Gamer Experience, Sniper Experience, among others. 

The Beginner Friendly Package

This elite indoor gun range package only includes two types and these are The Little Giants Package and the GI Jane Experience. If you’re a beginner in the world of guns, ammo and shooting make sure this is the choice you go for!

Special Event Hosting 

The Battlefield Vegas also hosts special events such as wedding, birthday party, corporate events, bachelor or bachelorette parties and any other special occasions. Your party guests will definitely enjoy the occasion with the full liquor bar, catering, DJs and the banquet seating. 

And, if you’re still not satisfied with these services, how about being provided with transportation services like being taken to the entire Las Vegas Strip by a real military Humvee?

The Grand Finale

How about Crushing a Car with a Tank event before calling it a day? Yes, at Battlefield Vegas you can have the opportunity to experience what it's like to be crushing  a car with a tank! 

But, of course, you’ll have a short briefing conducted by one of the experts at Battlefield Vegas to ensure that everything will be completely carried out safely so you can go back home with a happy and satisfied heart.

Address: 2771 Sammy Davis Jr Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702-566-1000




3. Top Shot Las Vegas

If you’ve been wishing you were able to experience shooting with your friends using a real firearm loaded with modified ammo then Top Shot Las Vegas is the place to make these wishes come true. 

This would mean training yourself for combat while also honing your shooting skills. Add in the boost of adrenaline as you compete in live-action shooting in Top Shot Las Vegas’ expert-designed Combat Maze.

Top Shot Las Vegas’ elite indoor gun range offers varied and superb experiences divided into three types and these are:

Machine Gun Madness

This package gives you the chance to experience using the M4, AK47, MP5 and a 9mm pistol. After shooting with the three legendary machine guns, you will proceed with confronting zombies or experience being sent to a terrorist mission. 

For the finale, you will wear a sophisticated combat vest as you immerse yourself into a real gunfight using real firearms with non-lethal ammo. The presence of highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art facilities, there is no doubt Top Shot Las Vegas is one of the best places to safely try out machine guns using non-lethal ammo. 

Note: This package only accepts shooters at least 14 years old. 

Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties give you the chance to send your friend off with a bang. And, if you’re able to book 14 days before your scheduled party, you and your friends will have the luxury of going to and from the Top Shot Las Vegas location with much ease using the company’s shuttle service. 

For the Bachelor Party package you can choose what type of experience you and your friends want to have. The options include Gun Battle, Zombie Survival or Machine Gun Madness. The Gun Battle package is only good for approximately 30 minutes. This is a handgun focused experience. 

If you want to focus on handgun and assault rifle, choose the Zombie Survival Package. But if you want live range shooting experience using a machine gun, opt for the Machine Gun Madness experience. Of course, the prices and number of ammo vary per package. 

Zombie Survival

The Zombie Survival Challenge will take you to three fun and excitement-filled stages where you will be able to first hone your skills. This is where you will be taught about the Shooting Fundamentals inside the Training Simulator room. 

The next stage will let you immerse yourself in an immersion room equipped with a high-definition simulation screen. This is where you will choose from the three virtual battlefields using Glock Magazine Non-Lethal Ammo or an AR Rifle Magazine Non-Lethal Ammo. 

The last stage of the Zombie Survival Package will let you enjoy the Lights Out Challenge in this elite indoor gun range using the 1-15 Round of Glock Magazine Non-Lethal Ammo. 

Address: 3084 S. Highland Drive Suite C Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Phone: (702) 478-8550




4. American Shooters</h2>


American Shooters is an indoor shooting range equipped with 14 25-Yard, 7 50-Yard and 4 VIP Lanes. The place also has an extensive lineup of safety officers. Group Packages are offered to a minimum of 10 people. The VIP suite can accommodate up to 40 people. The place also has its own snack bar. 


The American Shooters indoor shooting range offers several packages including FN7!, Machine Guns Only and Pick Your Poison. Allied, The Vixen, Draw 


The FN7! Package gives you the chance to use firearms from Fabrique Nationale, which is considered as one of the elite firearm manufacturers in the world. You will also be able to shoot the new 5.7 Banshee from CMMG. These are the types of weapons being used by the elite armed forces in the world

So, if you’ve been firing the same types of firearms for years, signing up for this package in this elite indoor gun range will certainly give you a different and whole new shooting experience. The good news is that this package only costs $250. 

Machine Guns Only 

This package gives you plenty of opportunities to fire - yes, you’re right, Machine Guns! If you’ve been wondering what it feels like to be shooting with machine guns then this is your chance to do so. Book this package for only $350 and be ready to rock and roll! 

Pick Your Poison

If you don’t like to shoot with FN7 firearms or machine guns then probably you want a different set of firearms? Luckily, you have this package to let you enjoy the buzz of testing out three different firearms of your choice. Feel free to choose three guns from the firearm display and this will serve as your custom package. 


Do you want to know how it feels to have the forces of the most powerful weapons from three different countries in your hands? This Allied package brings you just that - the allied forces of the U.S., Russia and the U.K. come together in the forms of the 1911 .45 ACP, the Thompson M1 .45 ACP and the M37 Trench Shotgun. 

For $190, you’ll be shooting firearms and have a brilliant experience you will surely remember for life. 


If you’re big on shooting guns being used in modern video games and movies then this package is for you. For only $100, start shooting with a 5.56 semi-automatic rifle, an HKP30 or that full auto AR-15 chambered in 9mm. 


For $110, you get to experience shooting with  Smith and Wesson, HK VP9, Glock 41 .45 ACP or a Desert Eagle .50 AE. How about starting with a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 in 9mm and finishing up the shooting experience with a modern hand cannon? 


American Shooters also offer Concealed Carry Class which will be conducted by highly experienced instructors and will be held at their top of the line facility. 


Address: 3440 Arville St, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: (702) 719-5000




5. Discount Firearms USA


360-Degree Target Rotation and Random Edging Technology

Discount Firearms USA is one of the best elite indoor gun ranges across Las Vegas, Nevada. Its 25-yard indoor range is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as the 360-degree target rotation, coupled with random edging for those who desire to have advanced instruction. 

Computer-Controlled Air Exchanger

Concerned about the quality of indoor air? Well, don’t be. Discount Firearms’ indoor range uses a computer controlled air exchanger which automatically replaces indoor air every 80 seconds. 

This medical grade air exchanger is capable of filtering out gunpowder, lead and other pollutants that may be produced from firearm shooting. The presence of this high-end air filter makes this elite indoor gun range capable of providing the greatest flexibility in terms of using different types of ammunition. 

Gunsmithing Services

Discount Firearms offers gunsmithing services which may include scope and trigger installation. If you have issues with a jammed casing or a scope that you find difficult to sight in, bring it to the gunsmithing experts at Discount firearms and make your firearm like brand new again.


Range fee is $5 per person for thirty minutes, including eye and ear protection. 


CCW Class

Discount Firearms offers Concealed Carry Weapon Classes as an all-day course. The course costs $99 per person and don’t forget to bring your own firearm and ammunition. If you don’t have any, the staff of Discount Firearms’ will provide you one but you have to purchase the ammunition. Make sure you make reservations in advance. 

Individual Firearms Instructions

Discount Firearms also offer individualized firearms instructions where you will be taught how to improve your shooting skills and learn about proper firearm maintenance. A half-hour individualized instruction costs $30 but only pays $50 for a one-hour instruction. The fee doesn't include ammunition. 


Address: 3084 S. Highland Drive Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 567-1158





These elite indoor gun ranges give you the kind of experience that once tried, will keep you coming back over and over again. Forget about the Iconic Fountains of Bellagio or the adventure rides at the Stratosphere. 

The experiences you get from visiting these elite indoor gun ranges are totally unparalleled. Just the thought of it is enough to get your adrenaline pumping!

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