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Top 3 Shooting Ranges For Girls With Guns In Portland Oregon

Gun culture is a language mostly known to a man’s world. But the concept of girls with guns is viewed as a level of confidence and self-defense. 

Guns provide significant protection to women. When a woman hears a bump in the night, it would not be safe to go there and check it out with only a baseball bat in one hand. Thus, the idea of women shooting guns becomes crucial these days.

Fortunately, there are many ranges that recognize the need for women shooting guns to also learn how to practice such skills in a fun way! Check out these top three indoor shooting ranges for girls with guns in Portland Oregon.

 1. Safefire Indoor Shooting Range

SafeFire Indoor Shooting Range was established in 2015 and is open not just to women shooting guns but to everyone, regardless of skill level. This indoor range consists of 27 lanes, with an electronic target retrieval system. 

The lady business owner, Danna Baxter, built this business with the aim to educate the community on the safety practices of handling guns. Of course, she also wanted her fellow women shooting guns to be able to have the best time of their lives while practicing. With this in mind, SafeFire offers the following indoor shooting range perks for girls with guns:

Ladies Happy Hour

The Ladies Happy Hour slashes half the price of range hourly fees. So, instead of paying the standard $20 per hour, women will only pay $10 for range fees and this happens all day every Monday. So, girls with guns, bring the whole gang this Monday!

Date Nights

Another reason why a lot of women shooting guns love SafeFire is the Date Night Package that costs $25 per couple or $25 for range members. This happens once every month. The package includes 2 targets, rental eye and ear protection, and a lane for couples to share. It also includes a firearm rental that ladies can share with their boyfriends. 

There is no need to call for a reservation. Just come in and then let the cashier know you’re both ready to have that wonderful date night together at the range. Ladies, never leave the range without taking a picture at the selfie station! 

Other services that are also offered to girls with guns are:

Safe Storage Rentals

Some women shooting guns are not comfortable with transporting their firearms each time they need to go to the range. With Safe Storage Rental service, women have the option to just leave their firearms at the range. 

If you have antique firearms or if you have kids at home and are not comfortable with storing your firearms there, then rent a safe here at SafeFire. 

If you’re looking to spend a vacation somewhere else or be out of town for a while, this service is also a good option to consider. 

UltraSonic Cleaning

SafeFire understands that some women are just too busy to have enough time to give their guns some deep cleaning. Luckily, SafeFire offers an ultrasonic cleaning service that gives the firearm complete cleaning. The result is a newly lubricated and super clean firearm from inside and out. 

The price for ultrasonic cleaning depends on the type of firearm you have. For handguns, the price starts at $30 and $40 minimum for shotguns and sporting rifles. 

Address: 4857 NW Lake Rd, Suite 210, Camas, WA 98607

Phone : (360) 834-7233




2. BeaverCreek Armory

BeaverCreek Armory indoor range has 12 shooting lanes, a well-lit environment, and a high-end ventilation system. The range strictly implements the NO VALID ID, NO ENTRY policy. The range is open to girls with guns of all skill levels. However, be aware that the range only allows specific types of firearms. These are pistol caliber carbines, up to 44 magnum, and .22 caliber rifles. 

BeaverCreek Armory aims to provide a safe environment for everyone, including girls with guns to practice their skills in a fun way. Here are some special events that are offered to ladies:

Tea and Targets

Beaver Creek Armory believes that women should be empowered with the right knowledge on how to use the firearm according to high proficiency standards. As proof of the range’s adherence to this belief, a Tea and Targets class is offered to women shooting guns at least 18 years old. 

The Tea and Targets class is dedicated to those who wish to learn about firearm use right from the basics. The class lasts for three hours which includes a target, eye and ear protection, and a .22 caliber firearm rental. 

Ladies’ Night

Beaver Creek Armory also offers Ladies’ Night which happens every Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm. On this night, girls with guns will have the chance to rent a gun for only $5 and pay the same amount for the lane fee and don’t forget to ask for the free police match target.

Class Dates

If you and other women shooting guns want to learn about firearms use together, you can definitely sign up for Class Dates. This private class will be handled by Hannah Frazier and is open not just for men but also for women at a maximum of three per class. 

In case one of the girls with guns who booked the class cannot be present on the reserved date, you are still required to show up for the class. Note that this class has a very high demand. So, if you decide to attend on a specific date, make sure to cancel any other appointments you have on that same day or miss the chance to be able to book again for this class soon. 

Remember that there are no refunds for no-shows. For rescheduling or cancellation, please do it at least three days before. 

Other services:

Other services provided by Beaver Creek Armory that are also open to women include Handgun Defense 1. This class lasts for three hours and will be handled by Ken Ewing at a price of $75 which will be payable before the scheduled date. Go ahead and bring in the girls’ gang and enjoy the night learning about the basics of handgun defense. 

Address: 5698 NE Clara Lane Hillsboro, OR 97124

Phone : (503) 629-9310

Email: ​



3. Threat Dynamics

Threat Dynamics is open to everyone, including women shooting guns, no matter what skill level they have. The Threat Dynamics team adheres to the principle of “Mind over muscle understanding”, where students will be taught long-term tactical habits. 

Girls with guns who are looking to amp up their shooting skills will definitely find Threat Dynamics an enjoyable place to practice. If you’re ready to learn and to have fun, here are some events and promotions offered:

Ladies Night Package

Threat Dynamics invites women to unleash their inner Charlie’s Angel and enjoy an evening with a certified instructor on lessons regarding rifle shooting and handgun fundamentals. 

Lessons are designed according to the knowledge level of the group. The meet and greet sessions start at 6 pm, followed by a short briefing on safety and range etiquette. 

The excitement begins as soon as you enter the range’s state-of-the-art alley where a virtual shooting simulator can be found. You will definitely enjoy shooting even without the live ammo. 

This activity will be followed by a live-fire shooting event wherein you will be provided with everything you need for the best ladies’ night shooting experience. 

The Ladies Night package costs $80 per person, available for a minimum of 2 women and a maximum of 12. It includes live fire lane fees, virtual shooting experience and, shooting fundamentals instruction. Women shooting guns will also have ear and eye protection, a target, professional instructor services, and access to any firearm rentals. 

Date Night  / VIP Date Night

Date Nights are perfect for couples to enjoy shooting together at the Threat Arena and Threat Alley simulators. This package gives you the chance to choose two rental guns and then have a great time at the live-fire range. 

Date Nights package includes a 30-minute private instruction, eye, and ear protection, live-fire range good for two people, 2 gun rentals and a standard I.T.S. package for couples. 

If your idea of a fun-filled date night is spending time at the range, then be sure to schedule an appointment for a Date Night package. Appointments must be done 48 hours in advance. 

Other Threat Dynamics services that are also available to women shooting guns include Firearms Transfers. Threat Dynamics can help men and women facilitate the transfer of firearms from a private party and for firearms purchased online. 

Firearms consultation is also offered as well. This is a 30-minute consultation where you will be taught the basic operations of your firearm and how to properly maintain it. You will be shown how to assemble and disassemble your firearm. Consultation is available for $25 per firearm. Don’t forget to book an appointment for this. 

Address: 13565 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd #300, Sherwood, OR

Phone : (503) 692-2992

Email: ​



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