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Top 4 Indoor Firing Ranges for San Diego California

Top 4 San Diego Shooting Ranges

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Learning how to hold your firearm in a steady manner is one skill that recreational and competitive shooters have to master. You also need to understand why you keep missing or hitting your target.

In other words... you have to practice your shooting skills and as a shooter or gun aficionado in San Diego, CA, you know you will not run out of great indoor firing ranges where you can practice these skills. 

Check out some of the great indoor firing ranges in San Diego:

1. The Gun Range San Diego

Amenities and Other Services 

The Gun Range San Diego is a known provider of five-star indoor shooting experiences

This place is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities where members and non-members may practice their shooting skills in any of their 25-yard lanes. 

This indoor shooting range has touch-screen computers for targets and high-end ventilation systems. The entire place is designed to tackle pistol rounds of up to .50 caliber and rifle rounds up to .308. 

If you ever forget ammo, The Gun Range San Diego indoor firing range has you covered with many different types of ammunition, along with several variations of targets to shoot at. 

Firing Range Lane and Membership Fees

The Gun Range San Diego offers indoor shooting range services for only $14 per hour for every first shooter

The second and third shooter in the same lane will only pay an hourly rate of $12 for firing line gun range fees. Note that each lane in this firing range is limited to only three persons at a time. 

Active duty military, law enforcement officers and first responders can enjoy what this indoor firing range has to offer at a  rate of only $10 an hour for lane fees

This $4 discount is available everyday to these groups of men and women. 

Special Classes and Promotions

The Gun Range San Diego also offers Firearm Safety Certificates for $25. Once you get this certification, you can then purchase a firearm anywhere in California. This certification is good for five years.  

You can also check out the various classes that they teach, such as; Intermediate and Advanced Self Defense Pistol Courses, Private Individual or Couple Self-Defense Pistol Course and Youth Firearm Safety Course. 

First-time Visitor? You can certainly come and visit them even though you do not have your own firearm or set of ammos. Just rent a firearm of your choice once you’re in there. 

Address: 7853 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: (858) 573-1911




2. Poway Weapons and Gear Range

Amenities and Other Services 

The PWG Range features 42 firing line gun ranges. Shooters can choose from 3 different length lanes

They have eighteen 50-yard lanes, sixteen 25-yard lanes and eight 100-yard lanes. 

Those who signed up for a membership can make reservations for free while those who are not yet members will be charged a $5 fee for reservations

Some additional perks this indoor firing range has is a VIP lounge which is available only for their Platinum and Caliber Club Members. Members  can use this lounge to conduct business meetings, parties or host private events. 

The VIP lounge is equipped with LCD Televisions, refrigerator access, counter space and couches. 

Lane and Membership Fees

Each type of firing line gun range will have different hourly rates. The 25-yard range costs $15 per hour while the second and third shooters are charged $10 per person.

The 50-yard range costs $25 and the second and third shooter will pay $12.50 per person. The 100-yard range will cost you $30 an hour. 

Special Classes and Promotions

The range offers private lessons and Beginner Elective lessons for families with firearms. Home defense training and Defensive Handgun Lessons are also offered for Intermediate members. 

This indoor firing range also has special classes for people who are looking to earn a CCW or Concealed Carry Weapon certification. If you already have a CCW, they also offer a 4-hour recertification program. 

First-time Visitor? This indoor firing range welcomes first-time shooters from 10am to 10pm. Just walk in and feel free to rent whatever you need. If you don’t own a firearm and want to rent one, bring a friend. 


Address:13550 Danielson St, Poway, CA 92064

Phone number: (858) 206-5057





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3. Discount Gun Mart

Amenities and Other Services

Discount Gun Mart is an indoor firing range fully equipped with 18 modern and high-end lanes

You can also find here a 3300+ square feet events center which can be a perfect location for hosting different kinds of events. 

Each firing line gun range has its own automatic target returns that are also designed with digital target distance readout. 

They have great lighting not just in the range itself but also on target carriers. The place is also well-ventilated.  

The pistol range can also handle all types of standard, as well as magnum pistol calibers. The rifle range can handle high powered rifles, including 30-06 caliber. This indoor firing range also allows the use of shotguns. 

You may choose to rent a firearm at Discount Gun Mart but check with their staff first regarding the availability of the firearms. 

Lane and Membership Fees

Just like any other firing range, range fees vary for members and non-members. The first non-member shooter will pay $14 per hour for lane fee. 

Those who are actively serving in the military and individuals serving as first responders may enjoy the range at a $12 hourly rate. 

 Additional non-member shooters will have to shell out $12 per hour for lane fees. Each lane is limited to only three people. 

Special Classes and Promotions

Discount Gun Mart also offers a series of courses for Handgun Skills, Rifle and Shotgun. They also offer CA certified classes for security guard training

Those who sign up for the complete series of Handgun Skills courses will be given a special package pricing. They also offer personalized firearms training for $100. 

First-time visitor? Out-of-town visitors and tourists are welcome here. For non-English speakers, at least bring a friend who can speak English to explain range rules. 

Address: 1510 Morena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

Phone number: (619) 276-8730




4. P2K Sports

Amenities and Other Services

P2K Sports has a 25-yard indoor firing range which has 16 lanes designed for ballistic booths that are equipped with V23 virtual target system and state-of-the-art gear tray. 

The range also features improved low impact flooring, distance markers and LED lighting. 

Their 100-yard indoor firing range allows all types of calibers that are below 50 BMG. Each shooting range is also ballistic protected where guests and members can shoot from all basic positions. 

Lane and Membership Fees

Non-members of this indoor firing line gun range will pay $14 for the first and $10 for the succeeding hours. Members will only be charged $10 for the first hour and $8 for additional hours at the lane. 

Annual individual membership fees cost $75. Family membership costs $95 a year where the spouse, and children 18 years old and below are included. 

Special Classes and Promotions

P2K Range offers level 1, 2 and 3 Handgun Training and Concealed Carry Courses. This indoor firing range also offers Instructor and Coaching Courses. 

They also have classes for Firearm Care and Maintenance, as well as Precision Rifle Course.

First-time visitor? Children 18 years old below must enter the range with an adult. Some firearms have age restrictions.

Address: 2082 Willow Glen Drive, El Cajon, CA 92019

Phone number: (619) 442-9971



Wherever you choose to conduct your shooting practice, note that safety is of utmost importance. Follow the rules and regulations of every firing range you visit. 

Keep in mind that you represent every gun owner not just in California but in the entire country as well. 

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