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5 Best Valentine Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts 


Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolates, candlelight dinners and roses. It should not only be about asking what your loved one likes so you can buy it and then wrap it in some fancy red paper and call it your Valentine gift. But it should be about taking a moment to ponder on your loved one’s personality and what he or she needs. Does he have a passion for firearm shooting? Is your special someone looking to practice his firearm skills? 

This Valentine’s day, it’s high time you take a moment to check what range essentials your gun enthusiast lover has that could use some replacing. Or, if your special someone is just starting to get fascinated with learning how to use a firearm, then some range essentials will definitely be the best Valentine gifts. 

We enlisted Mr.Cupid’s help with the hope of being able to hit your special someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day so he’ll be delighted to have these as Valentine gifts.

  1. Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Headphones

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The Peltor Sport Tactical 500 has the highest NRR or the Noise Reduction Rating among any other hearing protection devices. This is one of the reasons why this headphone can be a great Valentine gift for someone who frequents the shooting range. 

The Peltor Sport Tactical 500 is equipped with Automatic Dynamic Suppression feature that evaluates gunshot energy and quickly makes adjustments in its suppression time to ensure comfort without compromising quality communication. It works to amplify low-level noises that enables clear voice tracking so you can rest assured that it is not a hindrance to good communication with your range instructor or teammates during your shooting sessions. 

Besides, it is designed with a tactile button setup that works intuitively with the voice guidance system so you do not have to remove the headset when you’re trying to adjust the settings. 

2. Oakley Det Cord


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If you want to spend your Valentine’s date night in an outdoor shooting range and are looking to visit it more often to hone your shooting skills, invest in a pair of great eyewear protection. Of course, this should also be in your list of perfect Valentine gifts for your special someone. 

These Oakley sunglasses not only give you an undistorted and clear view of your target but it also filters out harmful UV light while at the same time reducing the blue light. The Oakley Det Cord Eyewear Protection is designed with military ballistic standards in mind. 

Its anti-fog coating translates to an additional layer of protection which means you’ll never have to find yourself compromising protection in favor of achieving a clearer vision. These Oakley sunglasses also come with a drawstring bag. 

  1. Precision Paper Targets

These Precision Paper Targets are definitely not your ordinary shooting targets which makes it the best Valentine gift for your loved one because he deserves the best! So, never settle for just any types of paper targets. These are the first 18”x24” target that is 100% edge-to-edge reactive. Its high contrast bullet holes will allow you to easily see your off target hits. 

These are printed with MOA Grid design using a specialized ink that makes them weather resistant so that gun enthusiasts can go out on a shooting adventure no matter the weather!

  1. Bulldog Cases Black Range Bag

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This range bag would be a perfect Valentine gift for that special someone who frequently visits the shooting range and would always want to make sure he does not forget to bring any of his essentials. The Bulldog economy black range bag can be used for carrying heavy items that you need at the range. 

This bag is built with a Nylon outer shell and with a large compartment so your loved one can easily store and organize his weapon accessories and any other range essentials. Even if you’re someone who is not a gun enthusiast, you will certainly like how useful it can be for your loved one. He will be delighted to know there is enough space in case he’s thinking about bringing extra ammo for you or for his friends. 

5. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Delta Utility Gloves

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The best Valentine gift should be something that is not only treasured and kept in the box as memorabilia. It should be something that is useful and durable at the same time. So, if your loved one spends a lot of time in a shooting range then a pair of these PIG FUll Dexterity Delta Utility Gloves will surely bring a smile on a gun enthusiast’s face. 

Not to mention the feeling of delight once he finds out that these gloves will give him the impression that he’s bare-handed each time he uses it when shooting

These shooting gloves are designed with both comfort and protection in mind. It has a fold-over finger construction that helps gun enthusiasts to have better grip. The single-layer palm guarantees tactile sensitivity while the forefinger and thumb has touchscreen compatibility made possible by the Touch Screen Conductive Thumb and Trigger Finger patented material.

Don’t forget to tell Mr. Cupid that his arrows are a bit outdated. Ask him to replace it with Armalite Rifle so you can have the courage to tell that special someone,  “You AR my Valentine ''!

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