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Women’s History Month Activities (for Girls with Guns!)

woman holding a gun

Women, stop aiming at your neverending to-do list at home or at work. Put these things aside so we could have fun aiming at your paper targets! Let’s celebrate Women’s History Month!

How do girls with guns celebrate Women’s History Month? We bet they would rather spend their $35 on a box of ammo than spend it on a girls’ day out shopping for a new dress. Because for women who are into firearms, $35  worth of ammo would mean a truly exhilarating shooting experience!

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, girls with guns will once again muster their courage to go beyond what was perceived by other women as unsafe and “men’s stuff only”. Go ahead and have a blast by engaging in any of these activities. 

Enjoy a Ladies’ Night at the Range

They say that when women talk, we all should listen. How about when women start shooting? Well, then let’s all have fun! Spending a ladies’ night at an indoor shooting range is all it takes to have an amazing Women’s Month Celebration. 

Whether you want to sight-in that new firearm you bought or simply want to have a really good time then a ladies’ night at an indoor shooting range will definitely satisfy your thirst for high-adrenaline shooting adventure. 

A Ladies Night in an indoor shooting range will give you the opportunity to shoot fully automatic guns and just about any firearms, like a pro!

For ladies who haven’t visited an indoor shooting range and you’re curious what the experience would be like - it’s nothing short of pure fun and adventure! 

So, if you’ve been wanting to do some things outside house chores and paperworks, these indoor shooting ranges will definitely make you feel like lady Rambo having the time of her life:


At SafeFire, every Monday is Ladies’ Happy Hour where girls with guns will only pay $10 for range fees instead of the usual $20. Their range is located at Camas, Washington.

Bristlecone Shooting

At Bristlecone, women can shoot for free all day, every Tuesday! Bristlecone Shooting is one of the best indoor shooting facilities in Denver, Colorado. They’re also the proud host facility of The Well Armed Woman which is an organization that aims to empower especially those girls with guns. 

Skagit Shooting Range

At Skagit Shooting Range, their Ladies’ Night package includes handgun rentals, 15-round ammo, eye and ear protection and range use. So, if you’re somewhere near Burlington, WA, Skagit is definitely the place to go this Women’s History Month Celebration. 

You may also see the list of the Top 3 Shooting Ranges for Girls with Guns in Portland, Oregon if you’re somewhere near this location. 

If you’re a novice shooter and not sure where to go, you might want to check out our list of The Best Indoor Shooting Ranges, from different cities and states. 

Organize an Outdoor Shooting Challenge

woman in outdoor shooting challenge

Are you looking to celebrate Women’s History Month with a team of colleagues and friends? Or just want to experience living the “Charlie's Angels” dream in real life? 

This Women’s Month, what better way to unleash that femme fatale than to spend a day at an outdoor shooting range? Tell your male friends “You’ve got this!” and organize a women-only shooting event where every woman can have the opportunity to shoot safely outdoors. 

Make sure to prepare paper targets that can withstand the outdoor elements so you can definitely go shooting outdoors no matter the weather! 

If you’re in Phoenix, Arizona, we also have a list of the best Outdoor Shooting Ranges to help you narrow down your search.

Attend a Ladies Handgun Training

woman attending a handgun training

Women’s Month is not just about parties and celebrations. It should also be about learning something new. But ditch the usual baking and dancing lessons. Instead, think about leveling up on your firearm shooting skills. Sign up for firearm training lessons at one of the best shooting ranges near you.

Note that there are hundreds of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges that this country has. So, make sure you do your research for the nearest shooting range in your location. 

Women who have no knowledge about firearms or firing any weapon can jumpstart their way towards becoming a better shooter by enrolling in any of the basic firearm training courses in their chosen indoor shooting range. 

When you sign up for ladies handgun training, some things you will learn include how to properly hold a weapon and how to safely load and fire it. These types of training may last from an hour to several days depending on the kind of course you choose and where you choose to sign up for it. 

To save you time on research, you can check out the following ranges that’ll make women feel like they can absolutely take on the world even with the toughest challenges:

A Girl and A Gun   - A Girl and A Gun is a club that offers a Learn to Shoot Program that consists of Concealed Carry Classes, Home Defense, Safe Storage of Firearms, etc. They also offer classes on Being Your First Responder, Non-Firearm Self Defense and Personal Empowerment. There are also competitions that you can join! The club has chapters scattered all around different states in the United States. 

Shooters World - Shooters World has a Women's Training program which consists of Ladies Concealed Carry Course, Ladies Private Training and Ladies intro to Handguns. Shooters World is one of the largest firearms stores across Florida.

Keystone Shooting Center - Keystone Shooting Center offers Ladies Only Basic Handgun Course 

Women Only Outing

woman holding a custom rifle

A women-only outing is another must-do activity this women’s month. Where to? Forget about attending women’s parties at restaurants or visiting your usual favorite bar. But rather spend your money on a box of ammo. How about 5 rounds of serious awesomeness? Yes, nothing beats the fun and excitement when you’re with friends firing real guns in an indoor shooting range. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you also bring your girl gang to an indoor or outdoor shooting range owned or managed by women? And, yes, it’s a great way to find inspiration and witness firsthand how these establishments are run by fellow women like you. For sure, it’ll make you realize that if these women are able to become successful in their chosen field, the same thing can also happen to you. 

No idea which indoor shooting range is managed and owned by women? You’re lucky, we have done the homework for you. Great examples are the following:

Safe Fire 

Champion Arms  

Boom Boom Firearms Training

Or, how about visiting a gun store? Here are a few we’d like to recommend:

The Keystone Armory

Adventure Outdoors

CI Shooting Sports

Sign Up for a Women’s Shooting League

women in shooting league

This Women’s Month, girls with guns will dismantle the belief that guns are only for protection. Contrary to this belief, women learning how to shoot with their chosen firearms do so not just for protection. But it’s also their way of letting the world know that they are also capable of dismantling the belief that women are weaker human beings compared to men. 

So, if you’re among those girls with guns who haven’t been able to sign up for a women’s shooting league, this Women’s History Month is the best time to do it. 

If you’re in Minnesota go sign up for a women’s shooting league at Osseo Gun Club and Pro Shop. 

Please note that as a woman there are plenty of things that you can do to unleash your girl power and start making your own history. 

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